Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Book by Cheryl Turnbull

The women of today’s generation want to know how ministry is done and what is expected of them. Just what does it mean to be the wife of a pastor or woman in ministry? We need to share with them and show them what it means to take our family with us in ministry, without losing them to the world. If you want to be encouraged as a woman in ministry to continue in your journey this is the book for you.

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If you are interested in having a 24 Hour Weekend Retreat to go through this book as a group of women contact me at or call 757-343-7783.

Here's a sample schedule:

5:00 pm Dinner and Get Acquainted
7:00 pm Introduction/Pre-Message “Influencing and Positioning”
8:00 pm Why Are We Here? Have each one share why they came.
9:00 pm Free Time (If everyone is up for it go over first chapter.)

8:00 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am Session One – “God’s Gals: Charmin Covered Brillo Woman”
9:45 am Break
10:00 am Session Two – “God’s Gals: Confident and Compassionate Cuties”
10:45 am Break
11:00 am Session Three – “God’s Gals: Called to Serve”
11:45 am Lunch (if in Virginia Beach walk down block to Surf Club)
1:00 pm Session Four – “God’s Gals: The Ezer Kenegdo Woman”
1:45 pm Break
2:00 pm Sessions 5 & 6 – “God’s Gals: Discovering Her Priorities & Having Fun with Who She is”
3:00 pm Break
3:15 pm Sessions 7 & 8 – “God’s Gals: Avoiding Burnout & Romancing Her Man”
4:15 pm Break
4:30 pm Sessions 9 & 10 – “God’s Gals: Rediscovering Ministry & Celebrating a Fulfilled Life”
5:30 pm Closing Message – “When God Gives You a Dream”
6:00 pm Dinner/Free Time/Movie for those staying

Here are the Chapter Descriptions:

Chapter One – God’s Gals: Charmin Covered Brillo Woman advises the woman in ministry in how to respond successfully to ministry; recognizing the value and power of friendships with other women in ministry and how it blesses her life, as well as being a blessing.

Chapter Two – God’s Gals: Confident and Compassionate Cuties reminds the woman in ministry that attitude is important; challenging the woman in ministry to become aware of the mentoring potential she has in the lives of the young women around her.

Chapter Three – God’s Gals: Called to Serve uses David as an example of servant leadership. This chapter also deals with becoming people motivators and encourages the woman in ministry to develop spiritual toughness.

Chapter Four – God’s Gals: The Ezer Kenegdo Woman helps the woman in ministry see what it really means to work alongside the men in their lives, as well as other women in ministry.

Chapter Five – God’s Gals: Discovering Her Priorities assists the woman in ministry in discovering that priorities can change at various stages in her life, so be flexible.

Chapter Six – God’s Gals: Having Fun with Who She Is rekindles passion in the heart of the woman in ministry; remembering where she has come from and assists in developing a spiritual workout and sharing the passion from within.

Chapter Seven – God’s Gals: Avoiding Burnout is helpful for the woman in ministry in understanding the preciousness of the call of God in her life; and staying focused on eternity, she discovers she can stand against the odds, doing anything God calls her to with confidence in the strength of the Lord.

Chapter Eight – God’s Gals: Romancing Her Man challenges the woman in ministry to rekindle the flame of her man and stir up the passion for each other, by recapturing what is important to the health of her marriage, family, and ministry.

Chapter Nine – God’s Gals: Rediscovering Her Ministry looks into the heart of Esther, helping the woman in ministry understand where she fits into ministry and is challenged to stay focused on her purpose.

Chapter Ten – God’s Gals: Celebrating the Fulfilled Life causes us to realize that in a world of the independent woman, the woman in ministry is dared to become dependent; not on her husband or family, but God. She is asked to reminisce about the journey she has taken since first picking up the book and where she is heading.